We are now offering audio cassette tape duplication and manufacturing. We can produce most any length of cassette tape in any quantity. Custom cassette colors, shell labels, direct imprinting, Jcard printing, and custom packaging are all available. We can accept the audio master on Cassette, Vinyl, or via File Transfer (preferred). A compressed zip file folder containing PDF, JPEG, or PSD files for the artwork and WAV or FLAC files for the audio works best. Digital audio and artwork can be sent via Dropbox or equivalent to

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all or need any assistance.
We look forward to working with you!

Service Includes:

    -High quality stereo dubbing in a high end well maintained duplication studio.
    -Full color artwork and labels.
    -Custom shells and color options are generally available upon request.
    -One on one assistance with graphic design.
    -Open to unique or nontraditional packaging ideas.
    -Shipping upgrades are available for USPS Priority Mail or service of your choice.
    -Fast turnaround. (Orders can generally be ready within 1-2 weeks)
    -Available in Ferric, Cobalt, and Chrome

Standard rates are as follows:

    Cassette duplication with case only (No artwork or printed shell labels):
    $2.00 per cassette

    Cassette duplication with case, full color artwork, printed shell labels:
    $2.70 per cassette

    Please Note:
    *For faster turnaround and a discount select from our overstock inventory
     Cassette Shell Colors - Portland, OR - Overstock
     Cassette Shell Colors - Brooklyn, NY - Overstock
    *Discounts may also apply for bulk orders, repeat business, or minimal artwork
    *It is always best to get in contact via email for an exact quote
    *International customers should contact us for a shipping quote
    *Double Sided J-card Printing is an additional $15 per 50 cassettes
    *Tape lengths at 60 minutes total and above are an additional $15 per 50
    *Direct Shell Printing is available for a one time fee of $35
    *Preferred minimum order is 50 cassettes, however we are flexible if you need a shorter run.

    We accept PayPal, Credit Card, or Money Order.



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Additional Services

    Double Sided J-Card Printing Per 50 Cassettes - $15

    Tape Length 60 Minutes Total or Above Per 50 Cassettes - $15

    Direct Shell Printing - Per design - $35

Colors Generally Available

Norelco Box Options


For faster turnaround time and additional discounts please select from our overstock inventory:

Portland, OR - Overstock Inventory

Brooklyn, NY - Overstock Inventory

please note: it is always good to also get in touch via email when placing an order. Please contact us with any inquiries: